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Microneedling with Platelet-Rich Plasma

How is this different from regular microneedling?

Microneedling is a cosmetic procedure that’s primarily used to minimize the signs of aging. During a standard session, your aesthetic provider uses a special roller or device with needles to prick the skin and stimulate new collagen production. Because of this, Microneedling is also known as collagen induction therapy.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) injections can be added to the session for an additional cost. Microneedling with PRP is said to create more tightness in the skin and speed the healing process along. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) has been found to amplify the natural growth factors your body uses to heal tissue.  Plasma is the liquid portion of the blood.  Platelets play a key role in the body’s healing process.  Whether applied topically or directly injected, growth factors are released that stimulate healing.  Side effects are very limited since it is your body’s own blood so you will not reject it or act negatively to it.

Scratch Marks
stretch marks
Acne Scars
acne scars
Deep Pores
deep pores

What is this procedure used for?

Traditional Microneedling is used to treat everything from age spots and wrinkles to scarring and other forms of hyperpigmentation. PRP injections may boost these effects and help you achieve your desired results faster. Microneedling can be used to treat scars and stretch marks on other areas of  the body, At A Fresh Face we apply PRP to the face, neck, decollate, scalp and hands.. You may have seen online photos of a celebrity or influencer’s face covered with blood after this procedure. These pictures show an older method of applying whole blood to the skin while Microneedling. With recent advances in treatment, only the PRP from the blood is applied to the face. The result is a milder pinkness or redness on the face.

You may be considered a good candidate for this procedure if you’re in sound health and looking to treat minor signs of aging.  It may not be the best option for you if you’re:

• Pregnant • Use Accutane for acne • Have certain skin conditions, such as facial eczema or rosacea • Scar easily • Have a history of poor wound healing • Have undergone skin radiation in the last 12 months

Your provider will evaluate your medical history to determine if you’re a good candidate for Microneedling with PRP.
Microneedling 2
Microneedling 3
Microneedling 4


Micro needling is the insertion of very fine, short needles into the skin for the purpose of rejuvenation  The purpose of this treatment is to generate new collagen and skin tissue for smoother, firmer, more toned skin.  Excellent treatment choice for scars, wrinkles and large pores.

How Does it Work?

Very tiny needles are injected into the skin to cause physical trauma.  This prompts the derma, a deeper layer of skin, to rebuild.  This results in rejuvenation of tissue, increased collagen and increased elastin.

Most Common Side Effects

Redness   |   Swelling/Inflammation   |   Mild bleeding   |   Minor skin irritation

What to Expect

There is some mild discomfort to this treatment so we recommend you apply topical numbing cream before the procedure.  3-4 sessions should be scheduled approximately 4-6 weeks apart.  The average person will experience mild redness and/or swelling for a few hours up to a couple of days.  One study showed a 400% increase in collagen and elastin 6 months after treatment by scheduling multiple sessions.  It is extremely important to avoid the sun until completely healed and wear sunscreen.

Microneedling Before

Potential side effects and complications

Bruises and inflammation are the most common side effects. They typically appear immediately after the procedure and clear within four to five days. Youʼll want to avoid sun exposure and harsh skin treatments during this time. The good news is that PRP contains your own blood, so thereʼs little chance of cross-contamination or infection. Rare, but serious, complicationsinclude infection & scarring.

What to expect during recovery

Recovery for this procedure is relatively minimal. You can go back to schoolor work the next day if you wish.  There may still be some redness and other signs of minor irritation, but youʼll want to avoid applying too many products to your skin. Simply cleanse and moisturize your skin twice a day. Follow with a lightweight foundation or powder, as desired, to minimize redness. Your provider may also recommend or provide products to help your skin recover. Youʼll want to avoid alcohol-based products and exfoliants during the recovery stage. Sun exposure may also slow down your results.  Until your skin has completely healed, avoid rigorous activities that might cause excessive sweating and heat production. Examples include running, playing tennis, & heavy workouts. Sweating may cause additional irritation and rigorous activities may increase the risk of swelling or bruising. This usually should be avoided for at least 72 hours after your treatment.

When will you see results?

Using PRP alongside traditional Microneedling treatments results in smoother, firmer skin. Patients will see improvement usually within a week but will get subtle continued improvement for up to 6 weeks. But as with other Microneedling procedures, these results wonʼt last forever.  After you finish your course of treatment, youʼll need to follow up with your provider once a year for potential maintenance.  If your provider determines that you need a maintenance session, be prepared to spend the same amount per session as you did for your initial treatment.

You may be able to extend the results of your treatment by:
  • avoiding direct sun exposure • wearing sunscreen every day
  • cleansing your skin with a gentle cream or gel product only (exfoliants
  • may irritate your skin after receiving this procedure) • moisturizing your skin properly
  • avoiding any picking or scratching of your face

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