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I discovered Wendy 15 years ago and my face has never been happier. Because of my husband’s work, we live outside of the US most of the time. I have traveled from New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Europe specifically to see Wendy. Yes, there are good injectors all over the world, but in my opinion, Wendy is the BEST in the world. Fifteen years ago, I had no upper lip. When I smiled, all you saw were teeth. I was intimidated by lipstick because I had nowhere to put it. Wendy gave me an upper lip – perfect for the size of my face. I am now a card carrying lipstick pro. Nine years ago I had to have surgery on my left eye and due to nerve damage, the left side of my face sagged. Using filler and Botox, Wendy was able to lift my face. Wendy is professional and never tries to oversell. She is always honest about the results you can expect – not all of us can look 18 again. My mother is turning 80 in April and I plan to buy her a liquid facelift. There is no one else I would trust with my sweet mother’s face. I am now 56 years old and most people find that hard to believe. If you are a first time Botox or filler client – relax – you are in the best hands possible..
- S.L.

L. M.

Nicole is a gift from whatever religion you believe in. She was so patient with me, answering all five million questions I had. Talking me through the process, what to expect and most importantly that Xeomin was actually the answer for me instead of Botox. They weren’t in it to get the name brand out of me for more money they wanted me to walk away happy with my results. The injection was so much easier then I thought and you couldn’t even tell I had anything done (everyone is different though). The results are beyond what I could have imagined. Nicole did them perfectly. I can still raise my eyebrows, I can still show expression when something makes me mad or surprises me. Nobody but me knows unless I tell them. I could cry of happiness over the results. The lines in my head were something that I was so self-conscious about and with the help of Nicole are completely gone. Since then I have even come back for laser with Nicole. I trust them with everything at this point. I would probably go to them with what to do if my dog was sick because they feel like family every time I go in + I tell them every time I want to come do my office work there because the environment is so zen. I am anxious to see the results of the laser and try some more of their offerings because I know if they have it that it has to be great. Thank you for providing such a warm and welcoming place that I am excited to step in to every time I visit. xoxoxo
- L. M.

Juli A.

I have gone to Wendy for years, so when she moved, I moved with her. She has such a gift with Botox and fillers. Her work is natural and authentic looking. She listens to your concerns and doesn’t go over board like some of the Dermatologists I’ve gone to. You know, those offices where everyone including the person treating you, looks like they’re getting their fillers for free, so they figured the more the better! I don’t want overfilled fake puffed up results that leave me with a stiff expression for months and Wendy gets that. She does it all too. She treated the area between the veins on my hands and my veiny looking hands were instantly transformed to be supple and soft looking hands. Every time I see her she’s added an additional service for her clients face and body needs, that the big clinics and spas offer. Why incur the added time, travel, and expense of going to LA for your aesthetic needs, when Wendy has a trained professional staff that offers top notch services and treatments right here in Camarillo? I get Botox twice a year, and a natural looking lip filler on my top lip once every 18-24 months. I know I sound like a commercial, but truthfully this review is way past due. It’s been years now that I’m told I look 30-35, when I’ll be 54 this year. I thank them and blush, but from now on, I’m passing out referral cards for A Fresh Face Aesthetics. Anything I can do to make sure Wendy sticks around, will only benefit ME!
- Juli A.

Maria G.

Let me start by saying I never write yelp reviews. However Nicole was amazing! She was very informative and professional and the results were amazing! This is by far the best experience I’ve had with fillers. I absolutely recommend! Thank you again Nicole!
- Maria G.

Sarah S.

I was so nervous about any procedure and I was so so upset about my deep frown wrinkles in between my eyes. Im not really one to go doing anything to my face, I’ve never done anything other than an eyebrow wax or facial once a year but I was really bothered by these deep wrinkles that I’ve developed the last year. People kept asking me if I was upset or mad often. Wendy was recommended by a friend and was so incredibly kind and informative and caring to me and it felt like I had an appointment with an old friend before I was finished. She recommended a little Botox and a little filler. Zero pain, she had me laughing and then told me to look in the mirror minutes later. I was shocked and trying not to cry because the lines that I was so embarrassed of were GONE. I’ve gotten so many compliments in the last several days, I feel pretty. Nobody has asked if I’m tired or upset! I cannot thank this sweet talented woman enough! I posted a before and after, no filters. I’m so happy and feel so much better about myself, thank you so so much Wendy!
- Sarah S.

Barbara S.

I am very happy and highly recommend the treatment I received from Nicole. I had Laser followed by Juvederm a few weeks later. Nicole is very knowledgeable and skillful. I have received so many compliments on the way my skin looks! The spa is lovely and more importantly, immaculate! The entire staff is kind and professional. I highly recommend Nicole and the services I received at A Fresh Face.
- Barbara S.

Rachelle T.

Love this place and I can’t say enough good things about Wendy! I have been seeing her for botox for 3 years now. She listens and never goes over board. One time I went in and needed to go back for some more and she did it free of charge! Very easy to book appointments. She is quick, efficient, knows what she is doing, and is a very nice person. She is also incredibly accurate. I have several friends who see her as well and everyone loves her work. I won’t go anywhere else and I highly recommend!
- Rachelle T.

Stacey M.

This medical spa is the place to go!! Everyone is friendly, kind, compassionate and professional from the moment you walk in. The treatments are amazing with astounding results and affordable pricing. My nurse was Nicole and loved everything about her! I will never go anywhere else!!
- Stacey M.

Crystal B.

I am obsessed with Wendy!!! She is the BEST!!!!! She pays close attention to detail. Since coming to her I’ve had so many compliments, but nobody knows exactly what I’ve done.
- Crystal B.

Yen T.

Wendy is very approachable and honest. Provide thorough explanation and answers all our questions. She’s one of a kind!
- Yen T.

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