Life with Acne

When you think of acne, you think of puberty and it dying down with age, but what if it doesn’t?  Many people struggle with acne past puberty and well into their adult years. About 85% of people experience acne between the ages of 12 to 24. But approximately 15% of people STILL have acne between the ages of 30 to 40 and sometimes even older than that. Since this is an issue that many people face throughout their lives, it is important to understand it and the effect it can have on people. And trust us, we understand 😉


When you’re going through puberty, acne is mostly caused by the hormonal changes in your body. These hormones stimulate your sebaceous glands to make more sebum, and the glands can become overactive. The excess of sebum causes the oil to block your pores. It is also partly genetic. If your parents had acne as a teen, it is more than likely that you will have acne as well. 

As an adult, if you have ance it can depend on a variety of factors. It could be genetic, hormonal, stress or even menstrual cycle-related. It also depends on your daily habits like makeup, hair care product, skincare products and diet. Some medications also cause acne.


After going through puberty, but still seeing acne or even scars still on your face can be frustrating. We get it. We understand that sometimes makeup doesn’t cover the acne, but ends up making it worse. This can lead you into a vicious cycle of applying makeup to cover acne, making it worse and then applying more. Adult acne causes many people to feel self-conscious and like the odd one out because clear skin has become the new norm. The frustration is common when dealing with adult acne, but we understand and can help


Other than different medication and skincare regimens that you can follow, there are several cosmetic procedures that can help improve the quality of your skin. And we can help.

One procedure is Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) Microneedling. This is also known as the vampire facial. The doctor separates the plasma, one of the aspects in your blood that promotes healing,  from your blood and injects it back into your face. Other than redness and some swelling at the injection sites it has little to no risks. This procedure can be used to heal anything from age spots to wrinkles to acne scars. 

The Palomar Laser is another procedure that helps with skin resurfacing. The laser is able to perform two different types of procedures, but both use pulsed light to help regenerate skin tissue. The only risks include some slight sensitivity and redness. This procedure has been proven effective to improve collagen development and clear skin. 
If you are looking to get either of these procedures to help improve your acne and are in the Camarillo, CA area, the best place is A Fresh Face Aesthetics. Whether you are looking for PRP Microneedling CamarilloLaser Skin Treatments Camarillo or just skincare Camarillo A Fresh Face Aesthetics is the best spot that will understand all your needs.


3 Types of Filler / Laser Treatments Many People Don’t Know About

There are many types of cosmetic procedures that everyone knows about like breast augmentation or liposuction, but what about the procedures that people do not mention as often?  We’re here to tell you about three types of treatments that are not as commonly known, but just might be the correct treatment for you!

Kybella Camarillo

Kybella is one of those underrated cosmetic procedures that you do not hear many people talking about outside of the medspa scene. Kybella treatments are a non-surgical, synthetic procedure where deoxycholic acid is injected into your chin. The acid gradually kills the fat cells under your chin. This process can be completed with  30 to 50 injections total injections, but the number of sessions required varies from person to person. 

Volbella Camarillo

Volbella is not your normal lip filler. It is a non-surgical injection of Hyaluronic acid that can be placed around or near your lips. This produces long-lasting effects that help reduce fine lines and creates more definition around the lips for a natural look. The most interesting thing about Volbella is that since it uses Hyaluronic acid, which is a natural material found in the body, it is quite safe. This treatment can usually be done in one session, but the number of injections depends on your desired results. 

Palomar Laser Camarillo

The Palomar Laser is used for skin rejuvenation and resurfacing and laser hair removal. These treatments can be performed almost anywhere on the body and are mostly used to help with wrinkles, acne scars, traumatic scars, and much much more. There are two types of treatment available with this laser: Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and  Fractional Laser treatment. Both help with collagen production and help fade and promote healing in skin tone, texture and appearance, depending on your desired results. If you are trying to promote elasticity or fade deep acne scars, Fractional laser treatments could be for you. IPL is used when you are trying to remove age spots and sunspots. Your doctor will be able to recommend the best Palomar Laser treatment for you.
All these procedures are available at A Fresh Face Aesthetics medical spa in Camarillo, CA. A Fresh Face Aesthetics is a one-stop-shop for keeping your skin’s natural beauty.


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