A Complete Guide to Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy

A Complete Guide to Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormones, a chemical produced in your body by the endocrine glands, are responsible for most of your body’s processes, such as development and growth. Testosterone is one such hormone that accounts for the maturity and advancement of specific male organs and the support of other masculine characteristics.

In men, testes produced the hormone testosterone, which is then regulated by the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. It is crucial to maintain high testosterone levels — if the levels drop too low, men experience several repercussions such as less energy and libido, emotional changes, and higher body fat. However, as men age, it’s natural for testosterone levels to decrease gradually.

Fun Fact: Females also produce testosterone hormones, just in minimal amounts.

Testosterone Levels And Aging

As men age, their testosterone level is expected to decrease; by the time men reach 40 years, their testosterone level starts to fall by 1.6% every year on average. Low levels of testosterone in your body involve permanent health issues such as diabetes or obesity, as well as corticosteroids or trauma.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is an effective method to revive impaired levels of testosterone.

Improving your testosterone levels with TRT will enhance your energy levels by bringing them back to normal. You will also notice that you have a buildup of muscle mass and reduced body fat after TRT.

 TRT might have limited effects on the patient’s body. According to a medical study, it might impact bone strength and hemoglobin levels in the blood.

Ways Of Receiving Testosterone Replacement Therapy

  1. Skin gels and patches

    Skin gels and patches are the easiest way to receive TRT. With patches, all you have to do is apply these patches to your body every day. There are also buccal patches available that you have to put on your upper gum twice a day. The same goes for the gel as well. Just rub this gel into your skin, making sure there is no contact with the treated area for several hours after applying it.

  1. Injections

    Injections, which are recommended, are inexpensive compared to other treatments and can be given anywhere from 2 to 10 weeks apart. A Fresh Face Aesthetics offers TRT injections at an affordable rate.

What Are The Side Effects Of TRT?

The patient undergoing this therapy may experience some side effects, which includes:

  • Increased red blood cell count
  • Prostate and breast enlargement
  • Acne
  • Breathing difficulties during sleep
  • Increased risk of cardiovascular disease

Are you looking for an expert’s opinion on hormone replacement? Get in touch with us for detailed information on the TRT procedure information.

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